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We provide the following models of CaseTastic cases & covers:

Ghostek Cloak 2 Cases Series, Ghostek Atomic 2.0 & Atomic 3 Waterproof Cases & Covers, Ghostek Nautical Cases, Ghostek Stash Cases, Ghostek Sodrop 2 Wireless Headphones, Ghostek NRGBag USB Charging Laptop Backpack.

For the Top Rated Phones:

iPhone 7/7+ plus, iPhone 6/6+ Plus, iPhone SE/5S/5, Google Pixel/Pixel XL, Galaxy S7/S7 Edge/, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, LG V20, Moto G4/G4 PLUS and more.


CaseTastic - Ghostek Atomic 2.0 and Atomic 3 Waterproof, Ghostek CLOAK 2 Cases & Covers, Ghostek SoDrop 2 Headphones, NRGBAG Laptop Charging Backpack


One last thing although I'm sure you wish you were done. Is there anyway I can leave a review or survey? I've looked around a little bit, but would love to give a positive review somewhere! Your service has been amazing! If not please know you've done great and if there's any management to pass this along to 10 out of 10! Thank you CaseTastic!

John Grigsby

Several weeks ago I started looking for an iPhone 7 plus phone case, I knew I needed some sturdy and not bulky waterproof case for my daily adventures that would protect my iPhone 7 plus from all the hazards that come (work, children can put it in the water, daily drops). After searching several brands and shops I still wanted something better, something that will not kill my iPhone 7 plus design, and finally, I came across CaseTastic products. I also placed a 2nd order for my daughter from the atomic 3 waterproof cases collection for her Galaxy S8 EDGE, she wanted some rugged and slim phone case. I still glad about my orders and have any complaints. 

Barry Hamilton

Delivery was in time. Customer service was very friendly and fast. I am becoming a huge fan of CaseTastic! It's already 3 months that I have the waterproof case for my galaxy s7 edge from atomic series. And its has already saved my phone from the various dangerous situation during this summer. Will definitely buy a phone case again here, when will change my phone. Also, I'm waiting for a rechargeable laptop nrgbag backpack which I ordered yesterday for my boyfriend. 

Christie Bard