Galaxy S7 EDGE Waterproof Case, Ghostek ATOMIC 2.0 Phone Cases and Covers for S7 EDGE

Galaxy S7 EDGE Ghostek ATOMIC 2.0 CASETASTIC Collection

S7 Edge Atomic 2.0 Case Is Made with a Strong Aluminum Alloy Bumper, a Heavy Duty Scratch-Resistant Touch Sensitive Screen Guard, Rubber to Provide a Non-Slip Grip & Protect Port Openings, & a Polycarbonate Film Seals So Your Phones Color Can Shine Through

  • The Ghostek Atomic 2.0 Series is constructed with a durable aluminum alloy bumper, raised rubber bevel, protective port coverings, and a shock resistant design to keep you moving forward. Whether the terrain is icy, steamy, wet or rocky, you can it with a stride.
  • The case protects your device’s screen with its touch sensitive screen protector so that you never have to worry about cracking your device and can instead focus on cracking those cases!
  • Touch ID Compatible
  • Similar to the covers you frequently undergo, this case offers durable rear protection despite its transparent back cover.
  • Even deeps dives will keep your phone safe with this waterproof case.
  • Personalize your gadgets by utilizing a total of five color options. You won't confuse your gear with a partner’s again!
  • This case comes with a lifetime warranty, ensuring that you always have support.
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