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LG G5 Case Ghostek COVERT Model Comes with FREE LG G5 Screen Protector


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LG G5 Case, Ghostek COVERT Series for LG G5 Premium Impact Slim Hybrid Protective Armor Case Cover | Clear TPU Exchange | Comes with a FREE Screen Protector | Ultra Fit


  • PRECISELY CUT: With the case cut so precisely, the LG G5 headphone and microphone jacks will be just as accessible. You'll only have to carry what you need, making international travels a breeze.
  • 5 COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM: Clear, Dark Gray, Rose Pink, Peach & Gold. Perfect for any suit of action.
  • ELECTROPLATED COLORS: Your front-facing camera isn't a mirror. But this could be. It's so slim, you won't notice it. But you'll thank it.
  • SPRING BUMPERS: Resilience is key. You'll be back in the action in no time. Impact absorbing design. Your case will take the heat. Not your phone or anything inside.
  • COMES WITH AN EXPLOSION-PROOF SCREEN PROTECTOR: Your phone will be with you at the center of all the action.